Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Things to Consider When Moving Your Office

Office moving is complicated and requires too much planning prior to the actual move day. Careful planning ensures that you get enough time to organize your move efficiently. But how to get your important office records, equipment, and other necessities transported to a new office space in a timely manner? Here are a few things that you must consider during your office relocation:

When is the right time to move your office?
Time plays an important role in commercial relocation. Most office owners choose to relocate after working hours or during weekends to minimize disruptions to business operations. However, if you schedule your move during after hours and weekends, you will not get enough employee contribution. Another thing to consider in office move is the right season to relocate. Moving companies offer best rates from September through April so you get greater flexibility and more resources during this period.

Hire commercial movers
Get references and recommendations from other companies before hiring a commercial moving company. Create your moving plan and communicate it to the moving company you hired. A reputable commercial mover will have a very detailed and efficient system to pack, organize, dismantle, and transport your office furniture and items. Discuss about hourly rates and insurance cost with the mover. Ask the company to provide certificate of insurance so that you can rest assured that your important office items are in safe hands.

Choose the right time and commercial moving company to make your office move smooth, efficient, and cost-effective endeavor. 

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