Monday, 21 September 2015

3 Ways to Save on a Long Distance Move

Are you planning to relocate to a new city across the state or country? If you’re being transferred to another city by your employer, chances are there your company will pay all the moving bills. If you’re moving because of some personal reasons, it will cost your wallet. However, if you follow these money saving tips, you won't have to put much stress on your wallet:

Get rid of some stuff!
Get rid of old, heavy household items before a long distance move. Weigh the cost of packing and transporting not so important items and old furniture against the cost of buying new ones. You’ll find that you could save more money if you sell the oversized items instead of taking them along with you to your new home.

Move during the “off-season” 
In a long distance move, the more control you have, the better! Summer season is the peak relocation time. You could save hundreds of dollars if you schedule your move during off-season. Though it may be convenient, but don’t move during weekends. If there is no urgency and you’ve flexibility with your move dates, schedule your long distance move during mid-week, mid-month and in less busy time of the year.

Hire a professional long distance mover
Do-it-yourself move is not as cheap as you would think. In a DIY move, people often end up paying more than hiring a professional mover. You will also have to bear all the hassles of packing, renting truck, and managing everything by yourself. Hire a reliable moving company to make your long distance move stress-free and comfortable.

Your long distance move can be affordable and smooth if only you employ a smart strategy and hire a reputed long distance mover.

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