Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Tips on How to Move Your House Plants

Plants make our house more welcoming and alive. If you’re a plant lover and have worked hard to cultivate house plants, then you would love to take them with you to your new house. Plants are too fragile and need special attention to keep them healthy during relocation. Moving house plants from one country to another is not allowed but you can take them with you from one state to another in the U.S.  To ensure that your plants survive the moving process, you can: 
  • Move the plants yourself. House plants are best transported in climate controlled environment. Place your plants inside sturdy boxes, and take them with you in the backseat of your car. 
  • Wrap taller plants with plastic and tie them with string. Make sure you’ve made holes in the plastic for allowing the plants to breathe. 
  • Most deciduous bulbs, shrubs, and perennials are moved easily. But don’t try to uproot outdoor plants. If you want you can collect their seeds or take cuttings in order to plant them in your new garden. 
  • As soon as you reach your new home, take out the pots from boxes and remove plastic coverings. Settle them as quickly as possible and water them immediately to avoid further damages.
It’s risky to move plants as they are not able to withstand any change in climate, soil, or environment. However, if you’re determined enough to take them with you to your new home, ensure that you do it efficiently or hire moving company, which provides best plant transportation facilities. 

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