Wednesday, 26 August 2015

How to Pack Fragile Items Before Your Move

Packing fragile items require an extra level of attention otherwise you will end up damaging them during transportation. If you are packing your belongings yourself for staying on budget, here are a few tips to pack fragile goods:
  • Small boxes are ideal for fragile items as they ensure ease of handling. Dishpacks or 5.2 cubic foot boxes are suitable for breakable items. 
  • Wrap the item with one layer of paper, and then multiple layers of bubble wrap. Glassware, tableware, and chinaware pieces should be wrapped individually to prevent them from damage during move. Styrofoam padding is recommended for packing music systems or TV sets. All wrapping should be secured with a piece of tape.
  • Place the fragile item in the middle of the box and fill the empty spaces with a nice cushioning of polystyrene peanuts.
  • Seal the boxes with tape and label each one of them with the content name and vertical arrows pointing upwards, in addition to the word “FRAGILE.”
Fragile items such as glass, artwork, and electronic equipment need special packaging for safe shipment. If you don’t have budgetary constraints, let professional movers pack your fragile items. A moving company can efficiently pack and move your fragile belongings to their destination.

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