Friday, 27 November 2015

Helping Senior Citizens: Make moving stress-free

Packing up all your belongings to move to a brand new place is a demanding task. The mere thought of organizing, de-cluttering, cleaning, packing, lifting, and loading massive stuff, combined with the intense amount of energy it will take, can leave anybody exhausted and anxious. Moving to a new place can be all the more stressful and worrisome for senior citizens. While seniors cannot put in much effort, there are ways by which you can ease out them.

Offer Encouragement and Kindness
While the process of sorting and packing begins, you need to bear in mind that their capabilities are limited and it is not an easy task. Seniors cannot accomplish the tasks unless we show some patience and understanding. While helping them organize and pack, be sure to offer plenty of encouragement and reassurance.

Give them Time and Space to Plan
Senior citizens are emotionally connected to their belongings. Give them enough time before moving to avoid the rush. You need to give them time and space to understand that a major change is taking place. At the same time let them get involved with the planning and preparation of movement. Introducing them to the new environment is important. A structured plan to prepare the new space can prevent the anxiety.

Seniors are Emotionally Connected to some Possessions
Seniors are emotional about eliminating certain possessions. While sorting things be careful that you inquire whether they use the item often or if they would like to donate it to a favorite charity.

New Space Design
Talk to them about the layout of the new space to provide them an idea for what there is room for and what needs to stay behind or be donated. Try to relocate their belongings in a familiar manner as in the last house so that their new home will be as welcoming and as comfortable as the old one.
Moving and relocating is never an easy task, and for an older person, it can certainly be more than they can cope with without a helping and compassionate hand. Besides you helping them, there are many reputed moving companies which make moving comfortable for seniors. Bronx moving companies offer much kindness, care and consideration to senior citizens.

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